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Ron Cotranio

" At Ron Catronio & Associates, Inc. and The Professional Edge... "

We’re all about people, growing together and improving performance to get the job done with conviction, belief and enthusiasm.

Since our inception
in 1987, 

The Professional Edge has been a leader in developing dealership personnel to exceed their personal goals and ambitions. We set out to offer programs that address specific dealership needs in sales, management, customer service, and all other areas with which the customer comes in contact. We firmly believe that people, when developed and nurtured, can achieve outstanding results, not only for their dealership but for themselves as well.

We have succeeded with our mission in that regard many times with Professional Edge affiliated dealerships and personnel. Many have gone on to be recognized by their manufacturers by winning awards for outstanding sales, service, and customer satisfaction.

Sales training for professional retail personnel has been a major objective of The Professional Edge. We have worked diligently and with profound integrity to improve the image of the industry since our inception.

The Professional Edge has evolved into a multi-faceted training consultancy focused completely on overall dealership development and improvement.

The Professional Edge is fully aware of the evolution of our business and is poised to bring to you the latest information available to assist you in your growth for the future. We are proud of our past performance and believe our best is yet to come.

At Ron Catronio & Associates, Inc. and The Professional Edge, we believe our Mission Statement says it all.